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The Boeing Company, being a leading aerospace corporation, has a thorough and competitive assessment process for its job candidates.

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Practicing for the Boeing assessment can increase your chances of success in the recruitment and selection process. By demonstrating your skills and abilities to the employer, you can improve your chances of being selected for the job.

Fly High with a Career at Boeing: A Guide to The Boeing Pre-Employment Training Program

Boeing is one of the most prominent names in aerospace. Many people know them as a prominent manufacturer of jetliners, but you may be surprised to know that they lead the industry in the creation of space, defense, and security systems as well.

They work out of over 150 countries which has led to them employing over 145,000 people. Each year their company continues to grow, and they add even more positions to their team. If you’ve ever applied for one of these coveted positions, you likely know how difficult they can be to acquire.

This is partly due to their education and experience requirements, but even entry level applicants have a hard time due to the intense pre-employment training program.

What is The Boeing Pre-Employment Training Program?

The Boeing pre-employment training program is required for new employees and difficult to get into. You will go through an entire hiring process just for the training program. This will include:

  • The completion of an application
  • A successful phone interviews
  • A passing score on the assessment tests
  • A successful face-to-face interview

To recap, you will need to fully apply to Boeing and pass a series of assessment tests to be accepted into a training program which you must successfully complete to get a job at Boeing. It may sound complicated, but the type of work involved demands the absolute best talent and most reliable workers.

How Long is The Boeing Training Program?

The length of the training program will depend on the position for which you are being trained. Assembly mechanics, for instance, will complete 408 total hours of training which is split over 10 weeks.

Other positions require less, and the topics being taught will be job specific. You must be 18 years of age and a high school graduate, or GED holder, to be accepted into the Boeing training program. Additionally, you must get a passing score on all 5 categories of the pre-employment training assessment test called the WorkKeys Assessment

WorkKeys Assessment

The WorkKeys Assessment is Boeing’s pre-employment training centers assessment test. The exam covers five categories:

  1. Locating Information
  2. Observation Skills
  3. Applied Mathematics
  4. Reading for Information (Reading Comprehension)
  5. Teamwork

All applicants take the WorkKeys test for the training program, but depending on the job you are seeking, you may be asked to take one of the following additional assessments:

How to Prepare for the WorkKeys Assessment

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