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A Leadership Assessment Test is a tool used by organizations to evaluate an individual’s leadership skills, potential, and style.

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To prepare for a Leadership Assessment Test, it’s important to research the specific type of test you will be taking and understand the traits and characteristics that are being evaluated. Look for sample questions and practice tests online or through test preparation resources. Additionally, review the job requirements and make sure you have a solid understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary for the role.

A Guide for Understanding and Passing Your Leadership Assessment Test

Achieving employment at the job of your dreams takes more than just a good resume and a handshake. Usually, you will be faced with multi-step interview processes, job-specific testing, and a plethora of additional assessments to ensure you are right for the position. One such employment prerequisite is known as a Leadership Assessment test.

This exam is usually reserved for those seeking a supervisory position, but many companies issue it to entry-level employees as well to evaluate growth potential.

What is the Leadership Assessment Test?

The goal of the Leadership Assessment Test is to decipher whether a potential employee is capable of understanding complex problems and resolving customer and employee-based conflict with ease.

The test is made up of two separate exams: a personality assessment and a situational judgement test (SJT).

The personality assessment includes questions that will evaluate your overall personality traits and strength of character. The situational judgement test is also evaluating areas of your personality but only as they relate to job-specific scenarios.

This means questions will focus on your natural ability to lead, respond to stress and conflict, as well as your proclivity for creative thinking.

Leadership Personality Assessment Info

Personality tests evaluate a person’s personality traits, characteristics, and preferences. These tests can be used to assess how well an individual would fit into a specific job or work environment. Personality tests can also help identify a person’s strengths and weaknesses, which can be useful in developing their skills and talents.

The test contains 219 multiple-choice questions and is not timed. Though, most test takers spend up to an hour on the exam. Some companies may require you to take an in-depth exam that looks for one specific trait they are seeking. These tests will vary in length and style.

Leadership SJT Info

The SJT is much shorter than the personality assessment, coming in at around 25 questions. Each question is multiple choice and discusses a hypothetical scenario that could potentially happen in your working life.

Each question may take a different direction regarding how it wants you to answer. You may be asked to choose the best or worse response to a scenario, to rate responses from best to worst, etc.

The exact scenarios could vary depending on whether you are being assessed for a supervisory or management role.

The Traits of a Good Leader:

  • Innovative Thinking
  • Innate Integrity
  • High level of Self-Confidence
  • Natural Leaning Toward Honesty
  • Good at Verbal and Written Communication
  • Great Delegating Skills
  • Quickly Decisive
  • Even-Tempered
  • Treats People Fairly
  • Humble
  • Appropriate Assertive

Will I Have to Take a Leadership Assessment Test?

If you have applied for a job and are unsure if you will need to take the Leadership Assessment Test, your best bet is to reach out to the hiring agent. If that isn’t an option, you may be able to infer the possibility of assessment from a few different details.

  1. You are applying for a leadership role.
  2. The company is known to issue the Leadership Assessment Test.
  3. Leadership skills are heavily mentioned in the job description.

Companies Known to Require the Leadership Assessment Test

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Amtrak
  • Kroger
  • AEP
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • And More

Leadership Assessment Test Quick Facts

  • The assessment is broken into two tests: a personality test and situational judgement test
  • The personality test contains 219, multiple-choice questions.
  • The personality test is untimed.
  • The situational judgement test contains up to 25 questions.
  • The situational judgement test is usually untimed.
  • Failing the assessment can prevent you from receiving an interview.
  • It is highly unlikely you will be able to reschedule or retake The Leadership Assessment Test.
  • It is easy to prepare for the leadership assessment test with the help of Prepare4Success.

“I Have Previous Supervisory Experience, Why Do I Need to Take The Leadership Assessment?”

The leadership assessment is broken into two testing portions. The initial portion denotes your personality traits and how they apply to the natural skills needed to be a good leader. You may have already learned many of these skills in your previous experience, which will bode well for you.

However, the exam also includes an SJT, or situational judgement test, which will have scenarios that are very specific to the job at hand. Even people with years of experience as a supervisor can do poorly in this portion of the testing, which is why employers find it so important.

It is vital that you practice for this exam, even if you already have leadership experience.

6 Leadership Assessment Test Success Tips

  1. Research – The first step to passing your leadership assessment is to conduct research on the company to which you are applying. Learn about their work environment, read their mission statement, seek employee reviews, and figure out what it is they are looking for in an employee.
  2. Understand the Personality Assessment – The personality assessment is fairly long and needs quite a bit of focus. Through practice, you can get a better idea of what taking this exam will be like and how it is scored.
  3. Understand the SJT- Though the Situational Judgement Test is a far shorter assessment, it involves much more critical thinking and is usually more important to the overall weight of your score. This exam will be utilizing examples from the field of work you are entering. If you have no experience in the field, practice tests can be especially helpful for you.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice – Test-taking can be nerve-wracking, so get in all the practice you can. Utilize appropriate materials that have been expertly crafted to keep up with ever-updating testing guidelines. The practice tests and materials found through Prepare4Success can help you breeze through the assessment and land the job of your dreams.
  5. Be Consistent – When answering questions on The Leadership Assessment, you may notice that you are asked the same question in two separate ways. This helps companies identify testers who are randomly selecting answers or lying about their personality. Read each question carefully and do your best to answer consistently throughout.
  6. Be Honest – It can be tempting to lie on your exam to try and look like the best possible candidate for the position. However, this is unnecessary and uncouth. Instead, use the information you’ve learned about the company’s work environment and needs, then emphasize your own personality traits that make you a good fit for that position.