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The Ford Assessment is part of the recruitment process for Ford Motor Company, a major automaker. This assessment is designed to evaluate candidates’ skills, abilities, and compatibility with Ford’s workplace environment and values.

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By practicing with a Ford preparation pack, you can gain confidence and improve your scores on the actual assessment tests. This can increase your chances of being hired by Ford or another employer that uses similar assessment tests.

Here’s what you need to know about the hiring process, Ford’s assessments, and how you can increase your chances of getting hired with our comprehensive practice test.

The Hiring Process for Ford

Every job position for Ford Motor follows this general hiring process:

  1. Online Application You must apply for the job through the company’s online portal, entering your work history, skills, education, and more.
  2. Online Tests Next, you will need to take the assessments. Which assessments you take might vary depending on the job type.
  3. Telephone Screening Upon passing your assessments, you will have a phone screening. A job recruiter might ask you questions about your personality and response to hypothetical work scenarios.
  4. In-Person Interview The next round of interviews is in-person (or virtually through video conference). You will be asked questions about previous work-related experiences to determine if you’d be a good fit for the company.
  5. Pre-Employment Screenings The last step is to pass a background check, drug test, and physical.

Types of Test Questions on the Ford Assessment

Ford has two different examinations, depending on the job. One is for engineering and supervisory jobs, while the other is for assembly line positions.

Ford Assessment for Engineers and Supervisors

Though there are many types of positions within each of these fields, you will need to take two tests in order to make it to the interview process:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
    This is a timed multiple-choice test of around 20 Numerical questions. Each question has 1 minute to be answered. You will be tested on your ability to read graphs and tables, use percentages, and analyze data.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
    In the verbal reasoning test by Ford, you will need to be able to form conclusions based on given verbal text passages. This test is about 30 questions long, with only 17 minutes for completion.

Ford Assessment for Assembly Line

For assembly line positions with Ford Motors, you will need to take four online tests before you can have the phone interview.

  • Dexterity Test
    Ford’s dexterity test assesses your basic dexterity skills using screws that must be placed accurately onto the holes of a board.
  • Reading Comprehension Test
    This test looks at how aware you are of safety procedures, as well as your attention to detail. You will need to read given notices and show that you understand their meanings in regard to safety.
  • Mathematics Test
    This general math test looks at your basic math skills. You must demonstrate your ability to use the four basic math operations, as well as fractions, percentages, averages, and more. There are both numerical questions and word problems on this portion.
  • Spatial Reasoning Test
    Ford’s spatial reasoning test looks at how well you can identify specific parts of structures. There are three sections in this test: 3D orientation, interpreting shadows, and matching and identification.

Prepare for the Ford Assessment

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