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The General Dynamics Test, as part of the hiring process at General Dynamics, a major American aerospace and defense corporation, assesses various skills and competencies relevant to the job role you are applying for.

Our online preparation pack includes practice materials for General Dynamics tests, including:

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Are you hoping to get a job with General Dynamics? This worldwide aerospace and defense corporation has a challenging hiring process and GD test. In order to land the job, you will need to prepare.

Below we have compiled basic information on the hiring process for General Dynamics and how you can up your chances of success with our General Dynamics practice test.

What’s the Hiring Process for General Dynamics?

Before you can get a job with General Dynamics, you will need to complete a series of steps:

  1. Complete the Application First, you will need to complete an online application by filling in your information, work history, education, and resume.
  2. Phone Screening After completing the application, you will then have a phone screening with a recruiter.
  3. Pass the Tests Then, you will need to pass the General Dynamics tests.
  4. Face-to-Face Interview The in-person (or video) interview is the next step, in which you will be asked questions to determine your compatibility with the team.
  5. Background Check The last step before starting the job is a background check.

What’s on the General Dynamics Test?

If you’re looking for information on the General Dynamics test, you might find that it’s hard to know exactly how to prepare. This is because each test is dependent upon the job in which you’ve applied. Your interviewer will likely give you specific tests to take after the initial screening.

That is why you need a comprehensive practice test to prepare for all examination types, which we provide.

Below is a general overview of the most common General Dynamics tests:

Here are some strategies to prepare for the General Dynamics Test:

General Dynamics Aptitude Test

This aptitude test is often administered right after the phone interview to help recruiters determine if you have the skills necessary to perform on the job. The test looks at your cognitive abilities in relation to the job in question and can vary from verbal reasoning to numerical reasoning tests.

General Dynamics Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

The GD SJT looks at your ability to handle work-related situations. These tests are hypothetical and may be administered online or asked during the interview stage. You will need to know the appropriate responses for each given scenario.

General Dynamics Personality Test

The company also administers a personality test to determine your compatibility with the company. There are two types of questions on the personality test:

In one question type, you must guess at how people would emotionally react to specific situations. In the other question type, you must rank how much you agree or disagree with given statements using a scale ranging from 1-10.

Prepare for the General Dynamics Test

No one likes going into situations blindly. Taking a test is no different. The best way to pass your General Dynamics test and get the job you want is by preparing with a comprehensive practice test. Here at Prepare4Success, we have everything you need to succeed.