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Preparing for the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) test involves understanding what the test measures and how it reflects on your potential fit within a company or a specific role.

Hogan Personality Inventory Test

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Hogan HPI test is a personality assessment tool designed to evaluate individuals’ behavioral tendencies, preferences, and potential in the workplace.

Preparing for the test can help job seekers better understand the types of questions they will be asked and how to present themselves in the best light. This can ultimately lead to better job prospects.

How to Pass the Hogan HPI Test

Are you having to take the Hogan Personality Inventory Test (HPI)? The HPI test is a popular pre-employment personality test used by employers to screen job candidates. By familiarizing yourself with the test, you can better your chances of scoring the type of personality that the company is looking for, provide valuable insights into an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them align their career aspirations with their personality traits and preferences.

What Is the Hogan Personality Inventory Test?

The HPI test evaluates the “light sides” of your personality. You will be assessed on how you behave and respond to work conditions when everything is ideal. Based on the Five Factor Model that looks at how people behave socially around others, the HPI test looks at a number of scales and subscales to measure your personality.

HPI Test Primary Scales

There are 7 major scales the Hogan Personality Inventory Test uses to measure your primary personality: Adjustment, Ambition, Sociability, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Prudence, Inquisitive, and Learning Approach. Each scale is looked at more closely in the scoring section below.

HPI Test Occupational Scales

There are also 6 occupational scales (and 42 subsets) used by Hogan to measure your occupational personality:

Service Orientation-courtesy and customer attentiveness

Stress Tolerance– how well one handles being under pressure

Reliability– good organizational citizenship behavior, truthfulness

Clerical Potential– detail-oriented, clear communication, self-discipline

Sales Potential– high-energy, sociable, customer problem-solving skills

Managerial Potential-decision-making abilities, strong leadership, planning skills

The HPI test is administered online, takes 15-20 minutes to complete. You will receive your results immediately upon completion.

How is the HPI Test Scored?

Your test score results work differently from most tests. For one, low scoring doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on your personality.

Low score results are associated with the following characteristics:

Adjustmentopen to receiving feedback and honest, but can be self-critical
Ambitiona team player, works well with another’s leadership, complacent
SociabilityIntroverted, works well alone, but can be socially reactive
Interpersonal Sensitivityfrank, confrontational
Prudenceflexible, impulsive, has an open mind, but tends to be disorganized
Inquisitivepractical and restless, but uninventive
Learning Approacha hands-on learner with focused, personal interests

High score results are associated with the following characteristics:

Adjustmentresistant to receiving feedback, but calmly works under pressure
Ambitioncompetitive, with high energy
Sociabilityextraverted, outgoing, but also attention-seeking
Interpersonal Sensitivityfriendly, opting to avoid conflict
Prudencedependable, well-organized, but inflexible
InquisitiveImaginative, fast-witted
Learning Approachexperimental in learning new information, insightful

Depending on the type of job in which you are applying, you will want to emphasize specific characteristics to show employers that you have the right personality for the job.

How to Pass the Hogan HPI Test

Knowing how to answer on your Hogan Personality Inventory Test is crucial for getting the job. It can be difficult to know how to answer questions on the HPI test to reflect your fit within the company best, however.

Here at Prepare4Success, we have the right practice materials to improve your chances of scoring higher on the HPI assessment. Being prepared and more familiarized with the test style will help you perform better than other candidates.

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