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The Chevron Aptitude Test is a part of the recruitment process for Chevron Corporation, a multinational energy corporation. This test is designed to assess the abilities and skills of potential candidates in areas relevant to Chevron’s work environment and job requirements.

This pack includes tests in the following topics:

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Chevron aptitude tests typically cover a range of topics, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning. It’s important to practice with similar questions and familiarize yourself with the test format to increase your chances of success.

How to Start a Career with Chevron

Chevron is one of the most prominent companies in the oil industry. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, Chevron is one of the most prominent players in the energy and oil game. The company is active in nearly 200 countries and employs over 45,000 as of 2024.

The types of careers at Chevron range from customer service reps and material handlers all the way up to senior-level engineering positions.

Why You Want to Work at Chevron

Chevron offers careers with great growth potential, work-life balance, and benefits. You can start at entry-level and slowly work your way to a salaried career where you can easily retire. This environment has led to a flooding of the application pool for careers at Chevron, which is why they rely on pre-employment testing to help narrow down their search.

If you are trying to gain employment at Chevron, passing the pre-employment testing will be the first and most important step.

About Chevron Pre-Employment Testing

The Chevron Pre-Employment Test is separated into three sections – Mechanical Aptitude, Workplace Attitude, and Industrial Information. The tests are typically given as a selection of multiple-choice questions based on both written and illustrated problems. The exact number of questions and details regarding rules and passing scores will vary depending on the job for which you’ve applied.

Mechanical Aptitude Test Details

Chevron’s mechanical aptitude test is intended to evaluate your general knowledge of mechanical principles along with your ability to use logic to resolve new problems regarding these principles.

Workplace Attitude Test Details

The Workplace Attitude Test is used to assess your general personality and behavior in and see how those details will affect your work ethic, success potential, and ability to take on appropriate tasks. This section also helps the company to determine if you will fit in well with the existing members of the workforce.

Industrial Information Test Details

The industrial information section of testing focuses on general knowledge in the areas of math, reading comprehension, and graph/chart literacy. These areas of knowledge are vital for being successful at any job under the Chevron workforce umbrella.

How to Pass Chevron’s Pre-Employment Testing

If you are applying to openings at Chevron, it is already time to start preparing for your pre-employment test. The more time you can give yourself to get ready, the better! However, don’t trust your preparation with just any study guide you find online.

The best results come from using a professionally curated set of practice tests, study materials, and other prep aids! At Prepare4Success, we are working to help thousands of job seekers find the career of their dreams. We don’t want pre-employment tests to keep you from your future, which is why we’ve created out pre-employment test practice materials.

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To prepare for the aptitude tests, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that are typically included in aptitude tests

Example Question 1:

mechanical aptitude test Questions

How much does the yellow box need to weigh to balance the plank?

Example Question 2:

Personality Test Questions

Statement on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree)

  1. I sometimes make mistakes
  2. I get angry easily
  3. I find it difficult to approach others
  4. I am always busy

Example Question 3:

Chevron aptitude tests typically cover a range of topics, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning. Here are some sample questions that may appear on a Chevron aptitude test:

Numerical Reasoning:

A truck travels 250 miles in 5 hours. What is the average speed of the truck in miles per hour?
a) 50
b) 45
c) 55
d) 60

If a train travels 450 miles in 6 hours, what is the average speed of the train in miles per hour?
a) 75
b) 70
c) 65
d) 60

Verbal Reasoning:

Choose the word that is most similar in meaning to “adversary”:
a) enemy
b) friend
c) ally
d) companion

Choose the word that is most opposite in meaning to “miserly”:
a) generous
b) selfish
c) greedy
d) thrifty

Regular practice can improve your accuracy in answering questions, leading to better scores on the test.