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DDI, or Development Dimensions International, is a well-respected global human resources and leadership consulting firm known for its leadership assessment and development programs. Their assessments are commonly used by organizations to evaluate the skills and potential of both current and prospective employees, especially for leadership roles.

This DDI pack includes tests in the following topics:

  • Math: Basic Math, Numerical Reasoning and Numerical Series.
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Personality Tests

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What is the DDI Assessment?

Development Dimensions International (DDI) is a hiring consultancy company that creates and utilizes pre-employment assessment tests to vet application candidates. DDI offers its services to a wide range of companies looking to streamline their hiring process in order to choose the best candidates.

Pre-employment assessments through DDI also allows candidates the opportunity to rise above their competition. DDI offers several types of assessments depending on a company’s needs; several companies utilize the DDI Assessments, including Progressive, Walgreens, UPS, Target, Coca Cola, Dell, and Allstate.

What Are the Different Types of DDI Assessments?

The type of test a candidate may be asked to take through DDI varies depending on the position. DDI has several tests, including the Adaptive Reasoning Test, Career Battery, and Skills Tests. Applicants may also be asked to pass a situational judgement test as well.

Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART)

DDI uses what is called an Adaptive Reasoning Test to evaluate a candidate’s reasoning abilities, including spatial and logical reasoning. The test is “adaptive” because it increases and decreases in difficulty depending on correct or incorrect answers: candidates are expected to be able to adapt to harder questions while continuing to display excellent reasoning skills. The ART also tests a candidate’s decision-making and problem-solving skills. The test is timed, comprised of fifteen questions, and is completely visual; there is no written portion of the ART. These questions may include a series of shapes arranged in a pattern that candidates must be able to identify.

Career Battery

DDI’s Career Battery Test is a specialized assessment used primarily by companies looking to vet large candidate pools all at once. Questions on this test are geared towards a candidate’s prior personal experiences, and evaluate decision-making and problem-solving, as well as self-management. Self-management-based questions are intended to assess a candidate’s understanding of self regarding the open position, and their conduct in the workplace. Decision-based questions offer work-related scenarios candidates must react to as they would in real life. Experience-based questions are designed to evaluate a candidate’s responsibilities in their previous employment.

Readiness Assessment

DDI’s Readiness Assessment functions as a personality test. The aim of these tests are to understand a candidate’s compatibility with the offered role, and their potential for success. Questions are specifically designed towards the open position and assess such areas as strengths and weaknesses and work-based scenarios. Questions may include true or false and ranking pre-prepared responses.

Skills Test

DDI’s skills tests are tailored specifically to certain fields of employment such as finance, retail, healthcare, food service, and accounting. Questions are designed to test an applicant’s understanding of operations in the chosen area. The nature of the skills test depends on the company a candidate is applying to: they will determine what skills a candidate must be evaluated on so it is important to be aware of the skills required for the position.

Situational Judgement Test

DDI’s Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) are designed to assess a candidate’s ability to respond and react to real-life workplace scenarios. Applicants are given questions based on such scenarios and must choose the best response. Questions may include visuals or videos and are intended to assess problem-solving and sociability as well as teamwork and leadership skills. Questions may include both general workplace scenarios as well as job-specific ones.

Additional Testing

DDI also offers several types of assessments that are not pre-employment, but rather intended to evaluate employees already working at a specific company. These assessments are designed to gauge potential in an employee for promotions and opportunities within the company and may include an Insight Inventory. DDI provides assessments specifically geared towards assessing leadership qualities in current employees and has created the DDI Leadership Assessment for just such a purpose.

  • Insight Inventory: The DDI Insight Inventory assesses candidates based on their current positions in a company, and asks them to evaluate themselves honestly for the opportunity for promotion and additional responsibilities. The aim of this test is to assess an employee’s capacity to improve, rather than an evaluation of their compatibility with an open position.
  • DDI Leadership Assessment: The DDI Leadership Assessment includes much of the same types of tests as a pre-employment DDI assessment, including Career Battery and Readiness Assessment. It also includes an Insight Inventory, and the aim of the DDI Leadership Assessment is to promote capable employees for opportunities best suited to their skills, and encourage improvement.

How to Prepare for the DDI Assessment

Whether for an entry-level position or looking to improve the possibility of promotion within a company, it is important that you put your best foot forward and prepare for a DDI assessment. By utilizing study guides and practice tests, it is possible for those taking the DDI assessments to identify areas of weakness and improve on them. Prepare4Success offers practice tests and study guides in multiple areas covered in the DDI Assessment, giving candidates their best chance at acing the assessment.

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