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This Mechanical Reasoning preparation pack includes the most common mechanical topics including:

  • Force and Moment
  • Cogwheels, Wheels, Pulleys and Levers
  • Fluids
  • Velocity
  • Quantitative
  • Electricity
  • Acoustics & Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Tools

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Brush up on your math and analytical skills: The Jacobs Engineering Group pre-employment test may include sections on math and analytical reasoning. Take some time to review these skills and practice problems to improve your performance.

Hiring and Company Info for Jacobs Engineering Group

The Jacobs Engineering Group (JEG) is a technical professional services company based in Dallas, Texas with many subsidiaries across the globe. Those seeking new careers or wanting to advance in their current field flock to application portals for JEG.

This is because they offer above average salaries and lots of room for growth within the company. If you are seeking a position at Jacobs Engineering Group, the competition is stiff. It is important that you take the time to understand the hiring process, along with the requirements of their pre-employment exams.  

Hiring Process at Jacobs Engineering Group

The hiring process at Jacobs Engineering is fairly straightforward and easy to understand:

  1. Find an open position through their career website or by searching online
  2. Apply with an appropriately updated resume or CV that showcases your applicable skills
  3. Take a preliminary interview over the phone or video chat. 
  4. Pass required pre-employment testing
  5. Final Interview with hiring manager
  6. Pass all drug tests, background checks, physicals, and reference checks. 

Pre-Employment Testing at Jacobs Engineering Group

There are multiple career paths for those working at Jacobs Engineering. As such, the pre-employment testing varies depending on the position for which you’ve applied. 

Some candidates may have to take skill-specific testing (Microsoft knowledge test, typing speed test, accounting test, clerical skills test, etc.) However, the majority of applicants at Jacobs Engineering Group should prepare themselves to take their main pre-employment exam – The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test. 

What Is The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test?

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT) is an incredibly popular mechanical reasoning exam used by hundreds of companies with positions that focus on engineering or physics. 

The BMCT is a psychometric test created by Pearson – a company that is one of the most well-known when it comes to the creation of complex testing and evaluation content. The exam exists in two different versions – BMCT I and BMCT II.

BMCT I Quick Facts

  • The older version of the BMCT
  • Contains 68 questions
  • There is a 30 minute time limit
  • Is taken with pen and paper
  • All questions are multiple choice

BMCT II Quick Facts

  • Modern version of the BMCT
  • Contains 55 questions
  • There is a 25 minute time limit
  • Test is digital, taken on proctored computer
  • All questions are multiple choice

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test Scoring Details

Scoring for the BMCT is based on a comparative model. This means that your raw score doesn’t translate to a pass or fail grade. Instead, it is compared to the average score of others in your field to see how you compare. 

The raw score is the number of questions you get right out of 55 (or 68 if you are taking the BMCT I). 

For an example of how you may be graded, check the chart below which is filled with hypothetical scores and comparison statistics

PositionYour Raw ScoreAverage ScoreTop 20% Score

In this hypothetical chart, if you were applying for an Engineering position, your test score would be considered too low. However, that exact same score when applying for a Mechanic position could be high enough to get you the job! 

This fluctuation in score expectation is one reason it is so important to properly prepare for the BMCT before attempting your exam!

Note: incorrect answers do not lower your score, only correct answers have an effect on your score. So, try to answer as many questions as you can within the time limit, even if some are guesses. 

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test Quick Tips

  • Answer all questions, even if you aren’t sure of the answer.
  • Pay attention to the timer – you only have 25 minutes to complete the test.
  • Have a working knowledge of the basic concepts of physics – Velocity, Force, Fluid Mechanics, Gears, Thermodynamics, Pulleys, etc. 
  • Take the proper steps to prepare before attempting the exam

How to Prepare for The Jacobs Engineering Group Pre-Employment Test

Preparation for JEG pre-employment testing can be done by utilizing expertly crafted practice tests and study materials. When professionally curated materials are used, you can drive your score up by multiple points, which can be the difference between getting that second interview and never hearing back. 

If you need to prepare for the BMCT or any other pre-employment test, check out our top-quality practice materials and prep packs. 

Practicing with similar questions and test formats helps you become more comfortable with the test structure and reduces anxiety during the actual test.