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The Stryker Corporation Hiring Process

Stryker is one of the leading providers of medical and surgical products worldwide. Their innovative and industry-changing products have forever enhanced the industries of orthopedic medicine, neurotechnology, spinal surgery, and much more.

It’s no wonder why people would love the opportunity to work for Stryker. This company is changing the medical world every single day, and employees have the opportunity to make some real changes. 

This desire to work for Stryker and their complex mission has led to an intense hiring process that involves high-level pre-employment testing. If you are trying to gain employment with Stryker, this guide can give you a leg up you need!

Hiring Process at The Stryker Corporation

To join Strker’s worldwide workforce, you will need to start on their career website. There, you can learn about open positions in varying fields and the tasks required to succeed in those positions.

Once you find a job that piques your interest, you can apply directly on the site. Once you’ve completed your application, a recruiter will look over your information and determine if you are a good fit for the position and company. If you are, the rest of the hiring process proceeds in this order:

  1. Online Application: This usually involves submitting a resume and possibly a cover letter through their online platform.
  2. Gallup Assessment: After the initial application, potential candidates might be asked to complete the Gallup assessment. This is a strengths-based psychological test that helps Stryker assess if the candidate would be a good fit for their company culture. The test has no right or wrong answers but rather seeks to understand a person’s natural talents and strengths.
  3. Phone Interview: If you’re selected after the assessment, you might have a phone or video interview. This initial conversation is often with a recruiter who will ask general questions about your background, experiences, and motivation.
  4. Face-to-Face Interviews: Those who pass the phone interview stage might be invited for face-to-face interviews. This can involve meeting various members of the team, from peers to hiring managers. During these interviews, you’ll be asked a mix of technical and behavioral questions.
  5. Practical Tests or Assignments: Depending on the role, candidates might be asked to undertake practical tasks, such as a technical exercise, presentation, or a case study.
  6. Final Interview: Some roles might require a final interview, which could be with senior members of the organization or with a larger panel.

Pre-Employment Testing at The Stryker Corporation

The test you will need to pass is called the Gallup Clifton Skills Finder. This test is given by an analyst from the Gallup Organization and pops up after you’ve already had two interviews for your position. That means you do not want to fail this test!

The test itself is a psychometric evaluation that focuses on your innate skills and how they relate to your ability to perform, learn, and utilize information to solve complex problems. 

Some of the areas of your natural skills and behavioral tendencies that are tested include:

This test is issued over a single hour and requires you to read and evaluate the relationship between 177 sentence pairings. You can say the pairs have no relation, are similar, or are completely different from each other. 

This is an incredibly complex exam with highly guarded scoring techniques, so preparation is your absolute best bet at success!

How to Prepare for The Gallup Clifton Skills Finder

If you are trying to find a career with Stryker, you need to prepare for the Gallup exam. The best way is by utilizing the expertly-crafted preparation materials we have for you. You can use these practice tests and study materials to ensure you get a great score on your Gallup exam the first time!

Don’t get halfway through the lengthy Styker hiring process just to be turned away due to poor results on your exam! Check out our practice materials today!